What Our Clients Are Saying


“What The Intersect Group promised on the front end is what they delivered. The customer service on the back-end has been very proactive. The Intersect Group has provided the support that would be needed in case there was an issue along the way. So they gave us the sense from the very beginning, if something's not right, we're here to fix it. That’s what makes them different and better.”

Steve Jones
Accounting Project Manager

About The Intersect Group

Case Studies

At The Intersect Group, we focus on delivering what we promise, rather than trying to be everything to everybody. That means we meet mission critical goals, and together, propel sustainable business success. These are some examples that make us proud of the work we do.

Portals and Collaboration Services: Axiall selects The Intersect Group to establish best practices, deploy, and manage its' enterprise wide SharePoint platforms.

Finance and Accounting Consulting Services: Global Screening Company implements Audit Support services from The Intersect Group to meet financial reporting requirements.

Business Intelligence Solutions: A Fortune 500 Company implements The Intersect Group's BI Solutions and saves millions.

Interim Executive: The Intersect Group provided services of an on-demand CFO for the high level of financial expertise, technical competency and real-life experience Infusion needed.

Revenue Recognition: After rapid acquisition of more than 20 organizations, executive management called on The Intersect Group to recover revenue fast.

Disaster Recovery: The Intersect Group developed a working framework for disaster recovery and business continuity planning that can be quickly adapted.

IT Security: An Atlanta-based technology company marketing to financial services engaged The Intersect Group to create an expert-level plan of security policies and procedures...

IT Outsourcing: The Intersect Group quickly delved into Vyyo’s technology needs, analyzed business issues, lined up resources and presented a cost-effective delivery model.

B-to-B Mobile Applications: Seeking strategic and technical assistance, the healthcare information systems vendor consulted with Mobilesect, an Intersect solutions group.

B-to-C Mobile Applications: AutoTrader.com turned to Mobilesect, an Intersect solutions group, for the strategic guidance and resources to make this mobile vision a reality.

Data Warehouse: This specialized entity needed to be built from the ground up—or in this case, and with the help of The Intersect Group—from the top down.

Due Diligence: Frontier selected The Intersect Group for in-depth due diligence abilities, tapping the executive & transaction advisory team.

Acquisition Integration: Seeking integration expertise, private equity-backed IBBS called The Intersect Group.