What Our Clients Are Saying


“What The Intersect Group promised on the front end is what they delivered. The customer service on the back-end has been very proactive. The Intersect Group has provided the support that would be needed in case there was an issue along the way. So they gave us the sense from the very beginning, if something's not right, we're here to fix it. That’s what makes them different and better.”

Steve Jones
Accounting Project Manager

About The Intersect Group

Community—Giving Back


Charter and Guiding Principles:

We will use our skills and connections to think of others first and make a significant impact on our community by working together. We will consider the best options for using our time and expertise to help the community, and evaluate each option independently ensuring the greater good with our time, our firm, and our brand.

We will live out our mission of succeeding by serving, without judgment, to those people, non-profits, and communities in need in each of the markets we serve.

Founded on April 19th, 2011, in Atlanta Georgia, nine committee members convened to plan ways to give their time and money in each of the markets we serve and thus created a formal charter.

Dedication-We are dedicated to providing the people and organizations we represent our very best effort around a cause or causes of choice.

Expertise-We give our expertise where it will make the most difference, knowing that what we know and may teach to others can make a difference.

Flexibility- We will listen and respond in ways that best serve the communities’ immediate needs.

Generosity-We give our time and money willingly, knowing that the arms, legs, and dollars we provide are in desperate need around the nation, and our ability to give back can impact a life forever.

Each year, The Intersect Group employees donate their time and talent as well as company and individual financial donations to a charitable organization.


Special Olympics Georgia Fall Games – October 10th and 11th

We are volunteering to help athletes participating in Bocce Ball in Gainesville, Georgia.

Email charity@theintersectgroup.com if you would like to participate.


If you have questions or would like to contact us about working with your organization, please write our Charity Committee - charity@theintersectgroup.com.