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“The Intersect Group brings focused expertise, knowledge and skills that enable us to strategically assess and modify our business, so that we can be more successful and then our clients ultimately become more successful. The value that we add to our clients also improved and that’s something that honestly could not have been done without The Intersect Group.”

Holly Hughes
Executive Vice President
Carter Real Estate

The Intersect Group Consulting

Information Technology Consulting

Rapidly changing technology, new technology service delivery models, increased regulation, increased cost pressure, do more with less. The list hasn’t changed in years. What has changed is the accelerated pace of change.

The Intersect Group has designed our information technology consulting services to help chief information officers and the executive leadership of our clients address these never ending demands on information technology organizations.

We leverage Agile software development and other industry leading practices to help our client’s information technology organizations increase the effectiveness, efficiency and agility of their organizations to support the overall objectives of increasing IT customer satisfaction and business value.

We offer the following information technology consulting services:

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