The Intersect Group Receives Multiple Honors as a Best and Brightest Company to Work For

At The Intersect Group, we’re proud of our commitment to what we call our Four C’s: Our Clients, our Colleagues, our Consultants, and our Community – and it shows!

The National ADallasFWBBlogoWin16_RGBssociation for Business Resources (NABR) just named us one of the Nation’s and the Dallas area’s 2016 Best and Brightest Companies to Work For®. Earlier this year, we were also recognized as a Best & Brightest Company to Work For in Atlanta – for the fourth consecutive year.

These awards recognize the efforts of companies to build a better business, recognize team members and grow stronger communities.

“We’re proud of our ability to attract top talent and being recognized as a Best and Brightest Company in Dallas is especially exciting for us. We have an outstanding team – one that’s grown tremendously over the past year as we take on new initiatives and continue to expand our business,” says Rebecca Rogers-Tijerino, CEO, The Intersect Group. “This award speaks volumes to our colleagues’ commitment and passion to building a culture that’s unlike any other.”

The competition identifies and honors organizations that display a commitment to excellence in operations and employee enrichment that lead to increased productivity and financial performance.

“Nationally recognized award recipients keep innovative human resource initiatives at the forefront of their company culture and make it a priority to consider their workforce as an essential aspect in their company success. Our Association is proud to recognize and honor these winning companies for this impressive achievement,” said Jennifer Kluge, NABR president.

To learn more about the award, visit

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TIG Gives Back: Sharing the Holiday Spirit through Angel Tree 2015

Angel Tree 2015For the fourth consecutive year, colleagues at The Intersect Group’s Atlanta office teamed up with SafeHouse Outreach to help bring some holiday cheer to local children in our community.

Thanks to all of those who helped collect and wrap presents, we were able to give 14 children who would otherwise go without any presents under their tree an opportunity to open something for the holidays.

“The Angel Tree program is special for us because it’s a chance for our entire team to get together and truly make a difference,” says Casey Kennedy, Technology Recruiter and member of the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee at The Intersect Group. “Not only do we have a lot of fun, but knowing that we helped make the holiday season a little brighter for a girl or boy in need is really heartwarming.”

The Angel Tree program is just one example of how we’re carrying out our commitment to Succeed by Serving, and helping to make our communities a better place to live, work and grow. As a company, we’re proud to sponsor several non-profits in the community, and through volunteer opportunities with organizations such as the Posse Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and Special Olympics Georgia, TIG colleagues are encouraged to get involved in charitable causes that are meaningful to them.

To learn more about SafeHouse Outreach, visit

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How to Get Your Dream Job (Even If You Think You’re Underqualified)

It happens all the time – you’re scanning job postings and you come across your dream job. Maybe it’s the title you’ve always wanted, or a company that you’ve been dying to work for. Your excitement quickly fades, however, as you realize your years of experience are just shy of what they’re asking for, or you don’t have all of the skills they are seeking. Should you even bother applying?

If your skills and experience are at least a 70 percent match to the job description, the answer is yes. In fact, there are a number of tactics you can use to set yourself apart from other candidates and improve your chances of getting the job – even if you think you’re underqualified.

Scott Gormly, IT recruiting team lead with The Intersect Group, says the most important thing to remember is that the job description isn’t necessarily exactly what the hiring manager is looking for. It’s a wish list for the 100 percent perfect candidate, but rarely does a candidate meet all of the requirements and qualifications. That’s why it’s so important to tailor your resume and cover letter to highlight the areas that are the best match, and then apply this same approach to the interview itself.

“I always tell candidates to think of the job interview like a good sandwich – you should first focus on areas of the job description that you are qualified for, then briefly discuss a few things you’re willing to grow and learn on, and finally wrap up the conversation highlighting more things you are qualified for,” says Gormly. This approach is a great way to leave a positive tone with the hiring manager, and while they won’t necessarily overlook the things you are not qualified for, they are more inclined to give you an opportunity to contend for the position because the positives stand out more. Plus, you demonstrate that you are aware of your flaws and are willing to work on them.

It’s also important to find connections between the experience you do have and what the company is looking for. According to Don Zuhlke, F&A direct hire recruiting manager at The Intersect Group, job candidates are often more qualified than they may think. “Companies like to hire smart, driven people who have a track record of success,” says Zuhlke. “Candidates should always highlight accomplishments – especially in areas where they have the least experience – to describe how they overcame obstacles to achieve a successful result. This is a valuable quality that can translate to any industry and any role.”

It’s also important to always relate any experience to the particular company you are interviewing with. For example, even if you do not have all the qualifications they are looking for, but have worked in a similar industry, for a similar size company, have interacted with other teams within the organization, or have a working knowledge of the company in general – these insights and related experiences will help strengthen the areas where you may be lacking.

Above all, says Zuhlke, you shouldn’t overlook the power of networking. Before you apply for the job, check your connections to see if you know someone who could vouch for you. See if that person is willing to supply your resume and cover letter to the hiring manager, along with a personal testimonial. This will help separate you from other jobseekers applying for the position and give you a better chance of getting an interview.

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Taking Your Team to the Next Level – a Q&A with Shanell Adams, IT Market Director, The Intersect Group Dallas

The InterseShanell Adamsct Group’s Dallas office is in the midst of an exciting transformation, expanding its team and taking on new initiatives dedicated to continued growth and innovation. 

We sat down with Dallas IT Market Director Shanell Adams – who joined the company in May – to learn more about what brought her to The Intersect Group, why she’s so excited about Dallas, and how she’s motivating her team to be the best they can be.


You have extensive industry experience, working for a number of companies in the Dallas market. What drew you to The Intersect Group?

I’ve been in the IT staffing and consulting industry here in the Dallas market for about 15 years. I started my career in consulting and sales and eventually moved into leadership roles with several companies in the area, including Celerity, Analysts International Corporation (AIC), and Genesys Group.

What immediately excited me about working for The Intersect Group in Dallas were the people. There was already such a great core group of people in place and I could really see myself growing with the team and making it a really cool place to work and be successful. With so much opportunity for growth, I could see this becoming something big.

What makes the Dallas IT market unique? What are the latest trends you are seeing in IT staffing?

Dallas is growing so fast right now. New businesses are moving here in droves so there’s really a shortage of talent. This is where The Intersect Group can really make an impact – we’re working to be more proactive to help our clients find the best people with the specific skill sets to meet their needs, especially as it pertains to technology. Right now everyone wants to figure out how to better use their data, so there’s a big demand for skills in BI and Analytics. This applies to mobile as well – being able to market to and reach customers with mobile devices is so important. So our goal is to find the candidates who have these skills, and are also the best cultural fit for our clients.

What were your immediate goals coming into this position a few months ago?

We’ve had success in Dallas over the past several years, but my goal is to really take this to the next level. Team building is a huge first step. That’s why I’m spending the extra time to make sure we hire the right people and keep them here for years to come. It’s all about recognizing our employees for their hard work, making them feel good about coming to work every day and making sure everyone shares the same common goal. In our business we build deep relationships with our clients and candidates and that’s all about our great people. We all have the ability to be the most successful if we work together.

Teamwork is something you’re very passionate about. How does this come to life at The Intersect Group?

Playing basketball at SMU really taught me the importance of teamwork and applying that team sport approach to everything in life. We just had a huge team-building event last month at Dave & Buster’s – we played games, we recognized anniversaries, welcomed brand new people and just got to know each other outside of the office for an afternoon. I also make sure we get together once a month in the office and play games that require extensive teamwork to win. We shut the door, turn off our phones. In this business, teamwork is paramount.

As a leader, how do you motivate your team to be successful?

When it comes to making decisions, it’s so important to let my team understand they have a say in the direction we are going to choose.  I’ll ask for their input first because I want them to be involved and make sure they have buy-in to the culture and direction of the office.

Where can we find you when you’re not at work?

Above all, what I’m most passionate about is my family – I have two sons and a daughter. My two boys play very competitive sports so you’ll often find me at a baseball or basketball tournament – my baby girl has been living at a baseball field since she was born! I spend a lot of time with my sister and my parents too; we’re very close. And I’m definitely a big sports fan; I like to consider myself a “homer” – Mavericks, Rangers and Cowboys.

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Rebecca Rogers Tijerino, CEO, weighs in on the growing national skills gap and strategies for success

In a recentCapture_10.23 article in the Atlanta Business Chronicle, “Bridging the Skills Gap,” Rebecca Rogers Tijerino, CEO of The Intersect Group, discusses the realities of the growing skills gap as the demand for talent in IT and F&A exceeds the availability of eligible candidates. On a national level, 5 million jobs are going unfilled annually with STEM-related jobs in particular taking a significant hit.

According to Tijerino, “the demand for software and analytical skills is also much broader than we often realize as organizations across all industries are competing for the same talent, from hospitals and government agencies, to financial institutions and other professional services firms.”

To read more about the impact of the skills gap and proactive strategies for competing and succeeding in today’s challenging labor market, view the full article.


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The Intersect Group Ranked Among Atlanta’s Top Staffing Agencies

We’re proud to announce that The Intersect Group was recently recognized by the Atlanta Business Chronicle as one of the “Top 25 Temporary Employment Agencies” in Atlanta, ranking as number 24 on the list.

Since opening our doors in 2006, we’ve made great strides to become a vital part of the Atlanta IT and F&A staffing market, serving hundreds of organizations nationwide. This ranking speaks to the quality and commitment of the exceptional team we’ve built at The Intersect Group.

“As we continue to grow and expand, we have taken great care to never lose sight of the relationships and personalized customer service that are at the heart of all that we do,” says Rebecca Rogers-Tijerino, CEO, The Intersect Group. “Our team is committed to the success of both our clients and candidates and we take great pride in the culture of excellence that we’ve created at The Intersect Group. We are thrilled to be named among the top employment agencies in Atlanta.”

Of course, we would not have been able to make this list alone. We would like to take a moment to thank our clients and candidates for their loyalty and partnership. Our continued growth and success would not be possible without you!

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5 Factors to Consider Before You Accept a Job Offer

Congratulations! You’ve made it through the toughest part of the job hunt – the hours spent completing applications and prepping for interviews are behind you and you finally have that formal job offer in hand.

But now comes the most important decision of all: should you accept the position? How do you know for sure it’s the right fit? Or what if you have to choose between two equally attractive offers?

Evaluating a job offer can often be more stressful than the job hunt itself. After all, there is a lot riding on your decision. Here are some of the top factors to keep in mind next time you’re in this situation.

1. Compatibility with Your Career Path

Before you embark on your new journey, you should have at least a rough idea of where it will take you. Consider your short- and long-term goals. Does the position make the best use of your skills and experience? Is there potential for upward mobility?

2. Compensation and Benefits 

If your new job is salary-based, you’ll want to start with what Peter Lane, executive recruiter at The Intersect Group, calls “The Big 3” – base salary, bonus incentives and title. If The Big 3 aren’t what you had hoped, but close enough to consider, you can use benefits as negotiating terms. Asking for extra paid time off, flexible hours or work from home days are the most popular options. Sometimes you can also negotiate shares or equity in the company as part of your benefits.

Healthcare and retirement benefits are also critical, as these can reduce the amount of money you pay in premiums (more net take-home money!) and reward you with free contributions to your retirement (company match) – all of which can translate into real savings and dollars that work behind the scenes for you.

If your new job is a contract position, make sure you understand if you will get paid overtime if you work more than 40 hours per week. You’ll also want to understand if there is a maximum number of hours that you’re allowed to work in a week, which can limit your income potential.

3. Culture and Values

Let’s face it – you’ll be spending a lot of time at your new job. It’s important that you feel excited and passionate about your new company, and that your fellow colleagues are a great fit for your personality.

Ella Williams, senior technical recruiter at The Intersect Group, recommends asking yourself questions such as, what kind of personalities seem to thrive at this company? What was your impression of the environment, culture and people when you interviewed? Are the issues you see as important in line with those of the company?

You should also ask your new employer questions such as, how do you define a great employee? What do you like about working here? Can you tell me how this position aligns with the company’s mission and strategic vision?

4. Opportunity to Grow and Develop

Will this job challenge you professionally and expand your skill set? Does the company offer training and development opportunities? How often can you expect performance and salary reviews? Remember that regular evaluations are critical for professional growth and career advancement.

5. Location, Hours and Work/Life Balance

Your job location has a direct impact on commuting costs and time, and perhaps even your living situation. But you should also consider daily conveniences, such as lunchtime options, medical offices and a gym.

You’ll also want to consider how your new job will impact your personal life. What are the typical work hours? Does the company offer flextime or work-from-home options? What about vacation and paid holidays?

While all of the above are important, you must also rank them according to personal importance. Maybe salary is your biggest concern right now, or perhaps you’re looking for a more innovative culture. Consider what factors are critical and where you’re willing to make sacrifices. There will always be pros and cons to every job, but having a clear list of priorities can help you feel more confident in your decision.

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Cyber adAPT Partners with The Intersect Group for Strategic Team Development

The Intersect Group recently engaged with Cyber adAPT®, a leader in real-time network-based threat detection, to help launch the company’s ground-breaking network security platform.

The evolution of network security has typically focused on building strong walls to “keep the bad guys out.” However, as demonstrated by the alarming rise in public security breaches within major retailers, this may not be the best approach. Recent investigations have shown that many of today’s major networks are actually already compromised in some way from within, as sophisticated attackers can hide inside enterprise networks for months or even years before being discovered.

Cyber adAPCyber adAPT logoT’s new network threat detection platform exposes these adversaries, both human or automated, who have already defeated existing security provisions and are operating from within a company’s firewall. Their activity is detected in real-time, providing visibility to an area of the network that is typically left undetected by most network managers whose focus is still primarily on the perimeter of the network (i.e., keeping the bad guys out).

Serving as a strategic partner to the company, The Intersect Group is currently helping Cyber adAPT build highly skilled Software Development and Quality Assurance teams for the company’s Dallas-based location. In addition, a specialized consultant from The Intersect Group is also assisting the company with enhancements to their User Interface and User Experience initiatives.

“The Intersect Group has aggressively identified resources that are truly unique both in their skills and professionalism,” says Devin Jones, vice president of product management at Cyber adAPT. “Culture is crucial to building a positive outcome, and The Intersect Group has been relentless in matching the right people to our goals.”

Because Cyber adAPT is still in early growth mode, every placement is critical and drastically increases the bandwidth of the company’s internal capabilities. Planning for the future is equally important, and we’re excited to continue to work with Cyber adAPT to expand their critical teams as product sales gain momentum.

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Leading by Example – New Initiatives Inspire Success in our Community

Community service has been a vital part of our company’s mission from the very beginning, and this year we’re taking things one step further.

Our Atlanta-based Corporate Social Responsibility Committee (CSRC) has set some ambitious goals for The Intersect Group (TIG). “We want to see at least 50 percent of our employees involved in some type of giving back this year,” says Casey Kennedy, CSRC chairperson. “Giving back to our community is so important to us, and it’s amazing how much we can accomplish as a team.”

TIG is planning to continue to support programs that focus on STEM education and ongoing training. For example, last Saturday, we hosted the first pilot of what will be a series of career development workshops. The workshop, “Excel Skills and Pivot Tables,” was well received by attendees. “It speaks volumes about the character and dedication of a company for the employees to give up their social fund to enhance the skills of others,” says Alfreda Cage Nixon, workshop attendee. “The class was very informative and administered at a pace that allowed each student the opportunity to ask questions and digest the information.”

The committee plans to offer more training sessions on varying topics in the near future. Focused on sharpening valuable workplace skills and preparing participants for success, the workshops will cover everything from technical skills to interview coaching and advice.

But it doesn’t stop there. We hope to expand our community service efforts to engage with more non-profit organizations in Atlanta and Dallas, empowering our employees to nominate causes and organizations that are important to them. The team is also working to implement a process for tracking volunteer hours, allowing us to recognize those employees who go above and beyond.

Interested in learning more? Stay tuned for more updates as our plans progress. In the meantime, click here to learn more about The Intersect Group’s ongoing commitment to community service.

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Congratulations to the 2015 CFO of the Year Winners and Nominees!

CFO of the Year Awards

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to honor Atlanta’s top CFOs as a sponsor of the eighth annual CFO of The Year Awards, hosted by the Atlanta Business Chronicle and the Association for Corporate Growth Atlanta.

This event is important to the local business and finance community and recognizes outstanding CFOs who are invaluable not only to their places of business, but also to the metro Atlanta community at large. Nominees were judged based on their professional contributions to their respective companies, such as profitability and growth, leadership and management skills. In addition, judges looked at nominees’ contributions outside of work, whether it be with nonprofits or other community involvement.

The Intersect Group’s CEO Rebecca Rogers-Tijerino presented Kevin Phillips of Kabbage Inc. with the CFO of The Year award for Small Private Company.

Other winners included Kent Kelley of PowerPlan Inc., Medium Private Company; Nick Goel of ACS Group Inc., Large Private Company; Sheila Ray of State Bank Financial Corp., Medium Public Company; Gil Danielson of Aaron’s Inc., Large Public Company; and Mark Sutton of United Way of Greater Atlanta Inc., Nonprofit Organization. In addition, Gary Fayard, retired CFO of The Coca-Cola Co. received the first Lifetime Achievement Award in the history of the CFO of the Year Awards.

“As a dedicated resource for top financial talent that also places high value on community service, it’s important to us to support awards that recognize exceptional business leaders,” says Rogers-Tijerino. “These individuals excel not only in the workplace, but also make a positive impact in our Atlanta community.”

Several hundred business professionals attended the awards event Thursday morning at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis in downtown Atlanta. Click here for more information regarding the awards and to view a slideshow from yesterday’s ceremony.

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